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Chickpea Carrot Croquettes, 2 oz.

Certified Organic $8.90
Great with salads, wonderful for dipping.  2" round crunchy wafers with a beautiful carrot orange color topped with sesame seeds.  Gently dehydrated at low temperatures.  Ingredients:  organic sprouted chickpeas, organic carr..

Stuffed Sweet Mini Peppers w/Brazil & Cashew Nut Cheese

Certified Organic $8.50
Stuffed sweet mini peppers are a great snack for anytime you are looking to give your taste buds a powerhouse of flavor and texture. Slowly dehydrated in low temperatures, these little bites are packed with nutrients and minerals while offering an ar..

Sunburger, Sprouted Fresh - 5.5oz

Certified Organic $7.25
Our Sunburgers are an utterly unique raw food experience. Soft, savory, and "meaty" in flavor, they are made entirely of  vegan ingredients: nutrition packed farm-fresh vegetables, seeds and herbs. Delicious on a sandwich, in a wrap, or simply e..
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