Beans, Lentils & Peas
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Adzuki Beans, 1 lb.

Certified Organic $7.90
These nutrient packed small reddish beans were first cultivated in East Asia and the Himalayas. They are rich in delicate flavor, and their nutritional properties may contribute to heart health, weight loss, and improved digestion. Try Kale and Adzuk..

Anasazi Beans, 1lb.

Certified Organic $7.50
Anasazi beans are the cousin of the pinto bean.  The anasazi bean has a high amount of iron per serving, as well as calcium, potassium and more.  They also contain lectins, which researchers are finding potentially have anti-tumor, immuno..

Baby Lima Beans, 1lb.

Certified Organic $5.90
Lima, Peru is one of the places thought to be the origin of the Lima bean, but some historians think they may have originated in Guatemala.  This pale bean has a delicious buttery taste and goes well in a soup, salad, or  eaten alone with..

Black Eyed Peas, 1lb.

Certified Organic $6.50
A serving or two of black-eyed peas per day can assist in fighting chronic inflammation, in addition to preventing other health problems.  Consuming black-eyed peas on New Year’s is a sure way to begin the year with prosperity and good luck, ..

Black Turtle Beans , 1 lb.

Certified Organic $5.00
This pantry staple can be used in soups, chilis, veggieburgers, or as a side dish. It is best to rinse and soak black beans in water before cooking them.  Black beans are high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, folic acid, molybdenum, an..

Cannellini Beans, 1 lb.

Certified Organic $6.00
Cannellini beans are white Italian beans that have a slightly a nutty flavor.  These beans that are one of the lowest on the glycemic index, meaning they don’t spike your blood sugar levels.  Cannellini beans are rich in many vitamins, e..

Garbanzo Beans, 1 lb.

 Certified Organic $4.50
Garbanzo beans, or chickpeas, are native to the Middle East in the Mediterranean regions.  Later they spread to India, Ethiopia, and were popular among the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.  This bean is a main ingredient of the popular health..

Great Northern Beans, 1 lb.

Certified Organic $5.90
Great Northern Beans are high in proteins and carbohydrate, which are utilized to produce energy and increase body mass.  Best to soak beans overnight before cooking. They make a great soups or an alternative to garbanzo bean hummus. Great Nor..

Kidney Beans, 1 lb.

Certified Organic $5.90
Kidney Beans are a classic pantry staple. Savory in flavor and rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive plant compounds, kidney beans are easy to prepare and right at home in any dish. Serve them with rice, fried tofu, and steamed ve..

Lentils, French, 1 lb.

Certified Organic $6.50
French lentils are prized for their delicate texture. color and flavor, while retaining all the health benefits and versatility common to all Lentils. Lentils are an ancient bean that date back some 9,000 years ago.  A pantry staple, they are in..

Lentils, Green, 1 lb.

Certified Organic $5.90
Lentils are an ancient bean that date back some 9,000 years ago.  A pantry staple, they are inexpensive and high in protein, which make them a great health food for a tight a budget.  They are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and protei..
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