Nut Pate
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Brazil and Cashew Nut Ricotta, Certified Organic, 8 oz.

A delicate nutty flavor with a ricotta-like consistency.  Its uniqueness is in its simplicity.  Great on “raw pizza”,  add your own herbs, or sweeten for breakfast crepes or fruit dishes. Spread by itself on toast, crackers, carrots, c..

Cashew Herb Pate, 8 oz.

Certified Organic $10.90
Only fresh herbs and hand-shelled organic cashews create this rich, bright, and creamy pate.  The fresh herbs make it beautifully green and jalapeno and ginger lend warmth to the silky texture of the cashews.Ingredients:  Organic whole raw ..

Sprouted Almond Curry Pate, 8 oz.

Certified Organic $10.90
An organic blend of Thai curry, fresh herbs and protein rich sprouted nuts.  A perfect dip with any style cracker or vegetable stick, great inside romaine leaves with avocado, sprouts and fresh tomatoes, on salads, or inside sandwiches, stuffed ..

Sprouted Almond Herb Pate, 8 oz.

Certified Organic $10.90
This decadent pate is vibrant with the summery, fresh taste of basil and fresh herbs, and creamy with the rich smooth flavors and textures of almonds, sunflower seeds and tahini.  Great with Portobello mushrooms marinated (or grilled), also on s..

Sprouted Green Garden Pate, 8 oz.

Certified Organic $8.90
A light, vibrantly green pate made only with vegetables, sesame and herbs, gently infused with notes of  garlic and lemon. The crisp, clean flavor of cucumber and celery brings the vitality and freshness of a summer garden into your kitchen.&nbs..

Sprouted Mock Tuna Pate, 8 oz.

Certified Organic $10.90
All the creamy, protein rich and savory flavor of a tuna pate, but made only with raw vegan ingredients. Sprouted organic sunflower and fresh dill in a creamy lemon macadamia "mayo" is wonderful inside romaine leaves, on top Flax Seed Crackers, ins..

Sprouted Sunflower Pate, 8 oz

Certified Organic $10.90
Sprouted organic sunflower, mushrooms, carrots and herbs come together in a savory, substantial and delicious pate. Bursting with the nutrition and flavor of fresh raw vegetables, while creamy and decadent in texture and flavor.  Great with sala..
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