Preserves and Desert Sauces
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Chocolate Sauce 16 oz

Certified Organic $13.90
This simple yet dreamy delight shows how a few pure, healthful ingredients can come together to create a spectacular culinary treat! Made with antioxidant packed Cacao, Omega-3 packed coconut oil, and raw agave, our chocolate sauce will take any dese..

Cranberry Date Preserve, 10 oz.

Certified Organic $9.90
This dreamy rich, thick preserve is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants.  Organic cranberries and fresh dates blend sweet and tart notes while hints of orange, cinnamon and nutmeg compliment their flavors. Lovely on almond butter sandwiches, ..

Strawberry Raspberry Coulis Sauce 16 oz

Certified Organic $10.50
This decadent sauce is full of the raw flavor and nutrition of fresh berries with a hint of lemony sweetness. It's rich and beautiful color makes it a visually stunning topping for deserts, N'Ice Cream, yogurt, hot cereal, or wherever you want the ta..

Strawberry Raspberry Coulis Sauce 8 oz

Certified Organic $6.25
Ingredients : organic fresh strawberries, organic fresh raspberries, organic fresh squeezed lemon juice, organic raw blue agave. ..
Certified Organic $13.90
Certified Organic $9.90
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