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The variety of organic fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and raw vegan foods offered under our tents is extensive. We nurture longstanding relationships with many local organic growers, guaranteeing our customer’s access to all of the tropical fruits and vegetables our local climate offers, based on seasonal availability. Beyond this, we source the best available organic fruits, vegetables, and exotic rarities, such as durian, jaboticaba, from around the nation and around the world.

little girl holding up a bunch of fresh beets at a farmer's market

Our salad bar is an epicurean delight offering wild rice salads, avocado salad, corn salad, olive salad, and fruit medleys, all complemented with our raw vegan dressing made with fresh herbs and organic extra virgin olive oils. Whatever type of cuisine your taste buds desire is represented in our raw foods deli. In the mood for a Mexican fiesta? Our raw tostada with salsa and guacamole will surely fill you up without expanding your poncho.

Our raw food pizzas, featuring our handmade pestos, crafted with our own farm-grown ingredients, are an unexpected treat. Follow that with a raw chocolate frozen tiramisu and your journey to an Italian heaven will be complete. Filled with crisp cucumber, fresh sprouts, your choice of nut pate, and accompanied by our handmade, organic raw pickled ginger, our Raw Nori rolls are a taste of the East that will leave you smiling, healthy, and satisfied.

fresh hand made nori sushi roll being made completed fresh hand made nori roll presented

woman perusing a large array of fresh cold salads beautiful fresh salad

If you have a sweet tooth as well as a desire to preserve your health, our raw fruit pies and delicious array of smooth, cold, rich ice creams will allow you to indulge! Our beautiful pies are an amazing combination of fresh fruits including exotic red banana, mango, pineapple, papaya, and mamey–and presented on a crumbly crust of dates, nuts, and spices. All vegan, with no cholesterol and made from our own certified organic coconuts. Surprise yourself with how delicious an uncooked pie or an ice cream with no dairy can be.

“The difference in our food,” says Stan Glaser, “is that there is no guilty pleasure. Most people eat the food they want, and they say, ‘Oh wow! It’s so good, but I’m going to feel bad in the morning’ or, “Oh, it’s so good, but it’s going to kill me.’ There is none of that with our food. It’s just pure pleasure, because it’s delicious and it nurtures you completely. Or, as Tracy so succinctly puts it, “Ours is food that loves you back.”

an assortment of fresh raw vegan nut milk ice creams presented in churns assorted scoops of fresh raw vegan nut milk ice creams presented in a bowl



Every Saturday



3300 Grand Avenue

Coconut Grove, FL 33133

(corner of Grand Avenue
& Margaret Street)

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Coconut Grove Saturday Organic Farmers Market