a deep green avocados hanging in the treeDear Friend,

Welcome, and thank you for your inquiry regarding our products. We are a Certified Organic farm dedicated to growing the finest naturally grown organic produce and preparing Gourmet Raw Foods for over 25 years.

Established in 1980, we specialize in growing tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, lychees, bananas, avocados, rare and exotic tropicals, winter vegetables and herbs. Our practice of organic farming is one of exceptional quality, using only nutritive components on our trees, garden and soils. It is our dedication to working and living with nature that allows us the pleasure of offering you foods of such exceptional quality.

a lovely garden growing assorted greens in well manicured rows Prepared in our own farm’s certified kitchen, our recipes use the fruits, vegetables, flowers, sprouts, and herbs grown on our farm. In addition, we also select the finest produce and certified organic ingredients from local organic farmers and certified organic growers from around the world. It is our special privilege to be able to use our own farm grown organic ingredients in our raw food creations bringing them direct from the garden to the kitchen to you. trees full of blooming mango blossoms

We sprout our nuts and seeds to start the live growth process. We then monitor our dehydrators to assure low temperatures are consistent so as to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and to preserve the nutrient rich state of raw food. We are proud to be using our own uniquely designed dehydrators to create our dehydrated specialty raw foods such as Nori Crackers, Chickpea Carrot Croquettes, Flax Seed Crackers, and Sprouted Essene Breads. We offer some naturally delicious hand prepared raw sweets such as Rawies, Temple Balls, Snow Balls, and Carob Fudgy Brownies. We also provide an array of freshly prepared refrigerated Gourmet Raw Foods too; salad dressings, sprouted spreads, raw fruit pies, pestos and sauerkrauts.

temple balls, our beautiful snack of dried fruit, nuts and seeds You can stock your pantry with a wide variety of dried fruits, fresh nuts, sun-dried seaweeds, beans, lentils, peas, grains and seeds for sprouting. We also have the finest in unrefined unprocessed sun-dried sea salt, fresh-pressed nut butters, organic fertilizer, as well as bee pollen, honey, olives, and Hawaiian Spirulina.

egg fruit, also known as canistel, hanging in a tree Our research is constant. Finding the best quality ingredients is of utmost importance to us. To ensure the integrity of these ingredients we keep all raw materials and finished product refrigerated until your order is processed. Many of our products are made the same day the order is received! All this constitutes a special opportunity for you to obtain the finest ingredients and the best foods in the freshest state possible. Our hope is to continually create unique and delicious raw food recipes that will excite the palate and nourish the body and mind.

Thanks!...and enjoy.

All of us here at Glaser Organic Farms

Stan and Tracy Fleming Glaser

Our Philosophy

At the beginning of the twentieth century, all agriculture was organic. In fact, farmers had been using variations of the same methods for thousands of years. After the Second World War, scientists began using the same technologies that created bombs in agriculture, creating synthetic nitrogen and oil based fertilizers. This increased crop yield-at the expense of soil health and, subsequently, human well-being.

The reaction to this disaster was the new organic movement we know now.  At first, there was no need for certifying agencies; the farmers were involved because they understood it to be the right thing to do. There was little money to be made, and the grower was happy just to provide good, clean food to his own family and to the few people whose eyes had been opened. As the demand for organic produce grew, so did the volume. The possibilities of corruption also grew, leading to the adoption of the first statewide, and then, national certifying agencies to secure a more trustworthy product. Organic certification involves applications and subsequent inspections by a U.S. licensed third-party agency, all paid for by the grower or processor through application fees and inspection fees, in addition to a percentage of the farmers gross sales. Conventional growers are not regulated and have no such fees.

We at Glaser Organic Farms have watched and been involved with the new organic movement from its inception. Our products stood before there was certification by Florida or the U.S. government as whole, and we will continue to bring the best of not only the old ways of growing, but also new innovative procedures in agriculture and raw food preparation.

All organic farming methods are not the same. At their worst, they use the same methods as conventional agriculture but just change the inputs. Organic agriculture at its best involves duplicating and complementing natures own processes. The key is building healthy living soil. We accomplish this through the use of leaf litter from our trees, mounds of vegetable matter from our organic kitchen, and other natural renewable additives. Our soils are constantly becoming richer and our crops increasingly resistant to problems. And, our prepared raw foods are full of that special flavor that comes only from a mineral rich environment.

Practicing organic raw food production at its best is co-creating with nature. It is using the best of the purest fruits, vegetables, and herbs in new and innovative ways that will help lead us back to a more human and earth friendly way to eat and live. — Stan Glaser

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